Home Loans & Investment Loans [Residentially Secured]

There are many different home loans available in the market today. These include:- Variable Rates, Fixed Rates, Combinations Loans , Lines of Credit , just to name a few. Some offer features such as Redraw , Repayment Holiday, Off-Set, Interest Only, Principal & Interest, and many more options. As Licenced Finance Brokers, we assess your financial requirements and then find appropriate solutions to meet your needs. We hold accreditations with all of the major banks (ANZ, CBA, Homeside, NAB, St George, Suncorp, Westpac) and many others which provides us with access to many different loans and packages to allow us to tailor finance to meet your individual requirements.

International Products

There are a variety of International Products offered from lending institutions designed to assist Companies import products from overseas. These include : Documentary Letters of Credit, Trade Finance in both AUD $ & Foreign Currency, Currency Hedging, etc. We have access to Trade Specialists with a number of different lenders to help explain and establish these facilities to help with your overseas purchasing and cashflow needs.

Business Loans

Finding the most appropriate type of business finance suitable to your requirements can be difficult and time consuming. We are accredited with several Banks and other lenders and can discuss a range of business loans (eg. Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Fully Drawn Advances, Commercial Bills, Bank Bill Business Loans, etc) that aim to meet your financing needs. Features available include :- Variable rates, Fixed rates, Principal & Interest repayments, Interest Only repayments, Interest-in-Advance, seasonal repayment structures, Redraw, etc. Business Loans can either be secured (ie. against property or the business itself) or unsecured (subject to certain criteria being met).

Business Overdrafts

An overdraft facility can be useful to your business to provide working capital until your trading income can be collected from your customers. It is not appropriate for capital outlays or long term financing requirements. Overdrafts can either be secured (ie. against property or the business itself) or unsecured (subject to certain criteria being met).


Invoice Discounting

For businesses to survive in this tough environment, they need both Profit and good Cashflow. Invoice Discounting can give a business access to up to 80 % of its invoices by the next working day (or same day in some instances). This type of facility can help grow your Sales turnover and is leveraged against the sales rather than limited forms of security such as real estate, etc. We have access to main stream Bank lenders as well as specialist lenders to help find the solution to your cashflow requirements.


Insurance Premium Funding

That time of year when your annual Insurance Premiums (including Workcover) are due? Insurance Premium Funding enables your business to spread the annual premium over 6 to 12 monthly instalments to help spread the cost to your cashflow. We hold accreditations with a number of lenders who offer this product. This is a specialist product which is only offered from certain lenders.

Motor Vehicles / Equipment Financing

Looking for funding for vehicles, trucks/trailers, yellow goods or plant & equipment ? Our accreditations with Esanda, CBFC, Westpac, Suncorp, NAB and other lenders allow us to seek the type of finance which best suits your requirements (eg. Leasing, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgages, Novated Leases, Rental Agreements, Vehicle Loans for Personal Use, etc). It is recommended you consult with your Accountant first to ensure the right decision is made up front as to the best product to suit your cashflow & GST obligations.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Lending

SMSF Loans enable a complying SMSF to borrow money to purchase real property assets (Residential, Rural or Commercial) within Australia. This type of loan is a Limited Recourse Loan meaning the amount recoverable on default is limited to the security property itself (all other SMSF assets are protected). Features available include :- Variable rates, Fixed rates, Principal & Interest repayments & Interest Only repayments. Note: Redraw is not available.


Line of Credit

A Line of Credit allows the borrow to access the equity in their residential real estate assets. They are a revolving Line of Credit which sees the facility limit maintained (not reducing) over the term. They are a variable rate facility where you only pay interest on the amount you owe. Additional repayments can be made at any time with no penalties applicable.


Specialist Business Loan

Lenders will consider loans against certain Franchised Businesses, Professionals (eg. Solicitors, Doctors, Accountants, Dentists, Real Estate, etc) which can involve using the business assets as security for all or part of the lending facilities. These type of loans usually come as a package which can include consumer loans with additional benefits. Please contact us for further details as this is a specialist area and a detailed appraisal would need to be undertaken to establish the lender's criteria.